My New Orleans with Kim Lewis


Kelly Massicot, Photographed by Greg Miles

In a city with an entire parade dedicated to the Roman god of wine (Bacchus, for those not up on our Roman or Mardi Gras knowledge) it’s surprising that functioning wineries aren’t popping up all over New Orleans. When Kim Lewis was looking for a pivot from working in the healthcare industry, wine was a natural next step for her. In 2018, Lewis opened the first functioning winery in the Big Easy, a tribute to New Orleans and its history nestled in the middle of Central City. Ole’ New Orleans Wines now produces a total of 18 wines, ships to 35 states around the country, and offers a wine club, wine tastings (both outside in the tasting room and virtually), and event rental options. In this Q&A, Lewis shares her interesting background and road to the wine industry, as well as what continues her passion for her business.

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